Ku.tis Vegan Natural Grapefruit & Mandarin Deodorant

Natural Ingredients, kind to you and gentle on our planet
SKU: ku.tis-vegan-natural-grapefruit-manderin-organic-coconut-oil-cocao-butter
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Ku.tis vegan natural grapefruit & mandarin deodorant
key ingredients Ingredients: organic coconut oil and organic cacao butter
Naturally occurring components in essential oils
Plastic free
come in paperboard push up tubes
handmade in the UK
packaging is 100% biodegradable
Ku.tis confirms that they use only organic ingredients wherever possible. In addition, they only use the highest quality ingredients. Finally, they only use non-organic ingredients where there is no genuine alternative.

We love the dedication of our supplier, Ku.tis to sourcing their ingredients from reputable suppliers only. Furthermore, the shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil which they use, is soil association certified and fairly traded.

Ku.tis never tests their products on animals and only uses vegan ingredients for their vegan range of deodorants.

Gentle on the planet
Ku.tis limits the use of plastic in their packaging and uses materials which are widely recyclable. All ingredients are either shipped or delivered by road. Additionally, their products are genuinely preservative free without the usage of stabilisers or fillers