Heavenly Organic Body Butter - Unscented

Sensitive to essential oils but need an intensive moisturiser.
Manufacturer: Heavenly Organics
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For those of you who may be sensitive to essential oils but who need an intensive moisturiser, then this is for you. A blend of shea butter and extra virgin olive oil – nothing else added! Shea butter is one of earth’s wonders! Such a healing butter that penetrates into the dermal layers of your skin. A little goes a very long way; honestly, you really don’t need much! This unscented organic body butter is excellent for stretch marks and scarring. Not only is this butter kind to your skin but with it’s glass packaging it’s kind to the environment as well.

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100g packaged size
Glass jar container
main ingredients: shea butter, olive oil and lemongrass essential oil
Zero Waste skincare
Application body butter
Simply scoop a small amount out of the jar and allowing your natural body heat to warm the butter, gently apply to your skin and massage in. Use dry, clean hands.

About Heavenly Organics
First of all, Heavenly Organics is an organic and vegan skincare brand. Furthermore, all of their handmade skin care products are organic, vegan and natural. Also, they are proudly made in the UK.

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